10 Things Humans do That Dogs Hate

If you want to become a best owner, you need to understand all of things that your pet dogs are disliked and find ways to overcome it.

Dogs Hate: Bath

After 1 day of stress at work, you just think bath like a suitable prize for yourself. However, it’s not mean that your pet dogs think so and with them, the bathroom is regarded as an extreme form of barbaric torture. They don’t understand that bath to cleanse.  Sound of running water, smell of toilet and being sprayed water will make them uncomfortable.

If your puppies seem very afraid when they’re sprayed water, it’s mean that they have had the horrifying memories with water in their childhood. In this case, you need patience and spend a lot of praise and encouragement for them.

Many puppies did not want to bath

Dogs Hate: Leave them at home alone

Dogs is a pet in the house and they need to have owners to always feel safe. When you’re absent from home, leave them at home alone for too long, they will feel anxiety, stress and depression, and consequently, they will scratch torn cushions, curtains, blankets or rummaging trash.

Dogs Hate: Dogs do not like dressing

If your pets could speak like human, one of the first things they want to say that “ My boss, I don’t like to wear clothes, please “.  Well-dressed as a concept is not in the dictionary of dogs. They’ll feel unendurable,  uncomfortable when be confined in  entangled suits. Many dogs also respond by snapping their clothes.

Dog Hate: Reprove

Many people often scold their dog to stop barking or stop them biting someone. However, this leads to increased their fear. An owner must always remain calm, determination to not overreact before the pet action. Dogs communicate mainly through visual, tactile and auditory. Therefore, screams are terrible things to them.

Dogs Hate: Fear of fireworks

We all like holidays. That’s when you’re relaxed, walk around and watch the fireworks. However, your puppy cute does not know what is fireworks. Many dogs also were very afraid of firecrackers and they will shrink into a ball or flee under the bed to escape this turmoil. Never leave your dog alone in home in the New Year’s Eve and try to reduce the sound of firecrackers by closing all the windows to protect your dog.

Dogs Hate: Hug tightly

Hug is one of the ways you express your feelings for “your special friend”. Most pets love to be cuddled, caressed. But dogs do not feel comfortable with a strong hug, full of surprises. Hug is a completely new concept for them, they never saw the two dogs hugging each other. Observe your dog’s expression when you’re hugging it. If its jaw completely relaxed, ears drooping forward, it completely acceptable to your hugs.

Dog does not like to be hugged too strong

Dogs Hate: Stare into their eyes

Dogs communicate with each other using eyes. In the dog world, the eyes look directly at each other is believed to act rude because it is mean to be a provocation. When the first time you bring a dog to home, you should let it smell and rub you, but do not stare into its eyes. Because it is considered provocation and you can get it to bite.

Dogs Hate: Treated like kid

Many people love dogs, they treat dogs as children and carry it go everywhere. But that just makes your puppies cute feel extremely uncomfortable. We do not like being hugged upside down in the hands, also did not like being transported by trolley. Unless your dog is too old or too weak. Your dog will feel happy if you go on the road with them.

Dogs Hate: Walking without exploring

Humans are often very rushed. Every time on the road, we go very fast. In contrast, your dog wants to both walk and explore. It will feel uncomfortable if you do not give it enough time to sniff, look around.

Dogs Hate: Not habitually

Breeds of dogs love to live by regular habit. We will feel very stressful if the owner has an erratic work schedule or frequent moves from one place to another. So, try to arrange work schedules reasonable to ensure that your pet dog was living out of habit, as such, they will feel safer.